FOOD DIARY: tagine of spicy kefta with lemon

Earlier in the day we made a trip to Garden City to buy the frozen fresh and I could not resist buying two onion bhaji from the Indian shop.  The ones at the Fremantle markets are heavier and therefore not as good because they are bound with flour while these were just onions rolled a coating and deep fried. 

Last evening Diane made us a delicious meal from things that were already in the fridge and the pantry.  We had some minced (ground) lamb that she flavoured and rolled into kefta and added a whole list of spices.  The recipe is from Ghillie Basan cookbook of “Moroccan Tagines” and they are great recipes–good enough to buy a tagine (the cooking vessel has the same name) just to cook them. 

As an accompaniment Diane served baked squash and rice.

As a beverage we had a glass of Houghton’s Swan Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

A brilliant meal!

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