FOOD DIARY: chicken Napoli

Friday night is Party Night and what a party it was.

Diane made us a killer Martini and the evening unfolded from that superb start.  We both prefer Gordon’s gin even though it is not considered the best on the market but after trying various other spirits Gordon’s is the one to which we come back.  As always she served some very small ceramic containers that she bought on one of her trips and they contained the simplest of nibbles but there must always be a little something to eat when drinking.  If I can criticize Western Australia I find these drinking establishments terribly at fault for not providing something substantial to nibble while imbibing; it should be much more that a measly packet of crisps as are so common here. 

As a primo piatto Diane fixed a delicious French recipe that she learned in Paris: chopped braised fennel.  So simple yet so delicious.

As a main she went back to an old favourite: Chicken Napoli.  This time she served it with polenta topped with the sauce from the Chicken Napoli.

As a beverage we had a delicious and strangely inexpensive Riparosso Montepulciano d’Abruzzo; a wonderful accompaniment to the meal.

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