FOOD DIARY: spaghetti puttanesca (“whore’s” pasta)

It is said that this sauce only became popular in the 1960s and was invented by a chef on the island of Ischia sometime before WW II.  I find it hard to believe that it took so long for this dish to become popular because it is a natural progression from the southern Italian love of garlic, chili, black olives and anchovies with chopped tomatoes. 

I am glad it was developed because Diane asked me what pasta dish she could make for me and that was the first one that came to mind.  I love that southern Italian/Sicilian combination of those ingredients with tuna flakes being added and chopped capers–delicious!

Diane began the meal with a little plate of antipasto pieces: baby preserved mushrooms, her own cracked pitted olives, a few dried market olives and two narrow slices of parmiginno. 

Then the main course was spaghetti puttanesca.  The sauce is a natural southern Italian sauce with area variations; the Sicilians leave out the anchovies.

As a beverage we enjoyed two glasses of Houghton’s Cabernet Savignon; a little strong for my taste but it is a ’12 vintage so it might smoothen out over time.

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: spaghetti puttanesca (“whore’s” pasta)

  1. Robin & John says:

    A little more complex than our cup of soup (Minestrone) for John followed by pan fried whiting and oven-heated frozen chips, quaffed down with a Marlborough Sound Counting sheep Sauvignon Blanc. Dessert was an ice-cream from the Caravan park shop.We look forward to dining at Chez Johnson again later in the year.

  2. ddollzden says:

    Sounds like a great meal at the caravan guys! I told Tim that I am never making this pasta sauce again due to the name!!

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