FOOD DIARY: Orange Roughy baked on mushrooms

Last night I returned to the kitchen and brought back the 2–5 Diet with softly baked fish as Diane and I continue to pull back our weight gains from our cruise.  We have both decided that the Roughy and Toothfish are the best fish for Bernard’s recipe for very easy, tasty and low-cal diet eating.  Further to this we decided last evening that the Antarctic Toothfish was better tasting than the Roughy and we are just fortunate that it is available here in Perth.  When it is caught the fish is flash-frozen and its quality is undiminished (or at least I believe the package–not that I will ever be able to taste the freshly caught variety.)

Before the fish Diane sauteed some fennel that I had sliced and chopped it finely; a perfect way to have a little veg with the meal and obviating the need for a salad.

As usual we enjoyed a large lemon flavoured glass of water as our beverage.

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