FOOD DIARY: Bistecchine di maiale con le olive

Diane’s turn last night and as usual she prepared a delicious dinner; she started with a set way of preparing broccoli which just involves a quick pan fry of the vegetable with slivered garlic.  It is an excellent way to get good tasting vegies in your diet.

As a main Di prepared this old recipe; the only problem was that she was let down by the pork chops.  The recipe is excellent but our West Australian pork is too dense, too dry and a stretch for this cooking method.  The pork from the eastern states is much more tender and much less dry and therefore lends itself to this delicious Italian cooking method.

After browning the pork chops add a can of Italian chopped tomatoes with garlic and fennel seeds and  cup of pitted black olives and cook for a further 10 minutes.

Our cookbook, Diane Seed’s “Top 100 Italian Dishes”, recounts a story saying that the dish goes back to 1438 to an Ecumenical Council in Florence when the Greek Orthodox delegate exclaimed that the dish was aristos meaning “the best”.  It is a great recipe if you can source good pork (I am sure that the chef will have thoughts about my comment.) 

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