FOOD DIARY: meal at the concert hall restaurant

Last evening before the Musica Viva concert Diane and I treated ourselves to a meal in the concert hall restaurant.  It is very convenient and the food was good even though it is catered because it is not worth having a fully staffed kitchen; the restaurant is not fully operational all the time only when certain concerts are playing.

Having said all of that the meals for the two of us were very good and judging by the number of diners many other people thought so also.  Because the restaurant is in the Concert Hall it is extremely convenient.

The menu is based on people in a hurry meaning that the food comes promptly and there is no first course choice.  Diane had som perfectly roasted lamb (I know, I tried some) and I had a serve of gnochi with cream and mushrooms which was excellent.  The deserts were less interesting than the mains but they did not spoil an excellent meal.

We enjoyed a delicious bottle of cab sav from Margret River but the name escapes me; it had circle in the title but anything further is a no-goer.

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