FOOD DIARY: Ethiopian food in Hamy Hill

Diane and I plus four othersenjoyed an amazingly derlicious meal at the Ethiopian Restaurant last night.  It was atremendous meal and equaled the many other times that we have enjoyed the food at this wonderful little-known place tucked away in Hamilton Hill.  I wish that I could describe what we ate but I know nothing about Ethiopian food except that I really, really like eating it.  

The meal begins when a large Ethiopian tray covered by a conical woven top is brought to your table.  Then the server brings out a tray of small round dishes holding about to serving spoons of various foods.  I believe there were five separate dishes one for each diner. 

These are distributed around the tray which is covered by a large sheet on injera or Ethiopian “bread” although it is not like any bread that immediately comes to mind.   Injera is about four mils thick (1/4 inch) with sort of a sour taste  and it is used to retrieve the food that you want to eat–in essence it is your fork. This begs the question: if the different foods are piled on this large injera then how do you tear off pieces with which to eat. The answer is that you are served rolls of injera

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