FOOD DIARY: Russian Blini

Last night was a special food night in Leeming; Russian blini are foods that I associate with cold evenings in winter and since we are in the midst of our winter last night seemed te right night to have a blini meal.

For those folks that have not discovered the delights of Russian cuisine and blini in particular they are a mixture of buck wheat and regular flour, served singularly, not in a stack like American pancakes.  The individual blin is spread with room-temperature sour cream and on the cream is spread in whatever combination pleases you: chopped red salmon, green onion tops cut into rounds, chopped chives, chopped hard-boiled eggs if you like, caviar if you like, Baltic Sprats if available, chopped sardines, fried mushrooms or any combination of the above that takes your fancy.

I believe Diane and I had four cakes apiece accompanied by some shots of ice cold Polish vodka that had been in the freezer since an earlier meal.  I think that blini are one of the great meals of world cuisine and if you are lucky enough to find a Russian restaurant that serves them then by all means try them.  I have been looking for the last forty years and have failed so if I want blini I must make them myself.

It is not a hard meal: it just takes time to assemble all the toppings.

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Russian Blini

  1. Murray Gould says:

    I read your daily post with great joy. The iced vodka is always enjoyable.

    • timstucker says:

      Hi Murray,
      Please forgive my tardiness in responding to your comments it is just that things get a little busy around here and I neglect answering.

      Thank you for your comments; yes, we had a particularly good cruise. It always helps if we can take a twenty minute taxi to the ship rather than flying to Sydney to pick up the cruise. Maybe we have lived here for too many years but Australian’s make good travelers because they are laid-back so the trip morphs into that style and it makes for an enjoyable cruise.

      Thank you for your comment about the blini meal. I enjoy blini very much and because the cooking is completed before you sit down it makes for a very pleasant meal. If you happen to have a bottle of vodka or a part thereof in the freezer and especially if that vodka happens to come from Poland and has a stalk of bison grass in it then I believe your meal will be enjoyed to a high degree.

      Again thank you for your comments; Diane wakes before me on most mornings and she reads the email and the online news and then tells me about your comments immediately after I wake up.

      Tim Johnson

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