FOOD DIARY: penne with mushroom sauce

Diane cooked again last night and she made a plate of antipasto containing the usual suspects: prosciutto, her olives and some kalamatas, toasted bread pieces and slices of pecorino. 

As a pasta course Diane made penne with mushrooms in a mild cream sauce.  She used a semolina pasta called Pantanella which is a new variety in our local markets that is being marketed inexpensively in order to reach a new market.  It is an excellent brand that we will return to because it tastes more rustic than other varieties.

As with all hollow pastas the idea is to make the sauce liquid enough for it to penetrate into the pasta increasing the taste of the ragu and increasing the diner’s pleasure–it sure works!

She also made the essential salad and we had a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzze Riparosso which in my humble opinion is the best Italian table wine! 

The only worrying aspect of this delicious wine is that according to the front label and the explanation on the reverse this wine is product of the Illuminati family.  This tidbit of information would scarcely attract a glance but for those of us that believe conspiracies abound then drinking wine connected to this old Italian family gives reason for pause.

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