FOOD DIARY: roast lamb with Dijon mustard sauce

Last night, as a Friday night, was Party Night and as usual Diane did a cracker of a party.

She started with a generous Sidecar with some Indian nibbles from the Freo Markets which contributed more to our meal.  She followed this up with a special filled avocado with prawns that she had cooked in a little stock plus the mayo as binder–Delicious!

Then the main course made its way to the table.  We had made our usual stop at the Stockman’s Market earlier in the adternoomn and purchased some beef mince for tonight (Saturday), some lamb mince for a tajine and a piece of lamb to be roasted and sauced for our Party Meal.  Diane prepared a sauce of Dijon mustard mixed with a little cream and chopped shallots; it was the perfect accompaniment for the lamb which was as good as the Stockman’s claim.

We can’t visit the Markets without stopping at the cheese stall and we left with some real goodies yesterday: one box (those small round boxes used by the French for their soft cheese) of Petit Sapin, a comte, and a local cheese from the Southwest containing small shards of local truffle.  It was a beautiful way to end a beautiful meal! 

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: roast lamb with Dijon mustard sauce

  1. ddollzden says:

    A delicous but very rich meal especially when you add the icecream for dessert!

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