Last night was Party Night and I became so involved that I forgot the previous night’s Food Diary.

We are back, as muc h as we can be with our busy social life, with the 2–5 Diet which continues, slowly, to wear aweay the extra weight accumulated on our marvellous cruise to Indonesia,  Our system allows me to cook on the Diet days, Tuesdasy and Thursday, plus Saturday leaving her with more cooking time than me but also assuming that one of those four days will be out: restaurant, friend’s house or a little get-away.

Thursday night I made my standard baked fish meal of Toothfish on a bed of sliced mushrooms in broth, sprinkled with chopped shallots.  The fish is always accompanied by a green salad with minimal extras and a glass of waster.  Diane does not find the meal’s low calories quite as good for her weight loss as I do but it sure does not contribute so we will both stay on it regardless.

One thought on “(late) FOOD DIARY: TOOTHFISH

  1. ddollzden says:

    This dish is really tasty depending on the choice of fish and the Patagonian Tooth Fish is delicious.

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