FOOD DIARY: Orange Roughy

Last night was my night to cook and because Tuesday is the first of our 2—5 Diet days I made the Orange Roughy in the freezer on a bed of mushrooms in stock with chopped shallots sprinkled over the top.  It is a very common diet day meal because it is both very tasty as well as being very satisfying and low cal..

The Roughy is very soft and we have eaten it enough to know that it is only slightly more textual than the Toothfish from much colder waters.  It really is a coin toss about which is better, however, we both enjoy the extraordinary delicacy of the Toothfish.  Tomorrow night I will use some Sailfish that we have in the freezer and do a little comparison.  I enjoy experimenting with different fish so that a decent feeling for what a person likes can be determined.

After the fish I made the ever—present salad which tasted as good as anybody’s salad always does.  We had some delicious water flavoured with a squirt of lemon juice as our beverage.

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