FOOD DIARY: Pantanella Gigli pasta (lily shaped)

Last night was Di’s night to cook and she used a new pasta shape that we had never seen before; it is Tuscan pasta, gigli, shaped according to Wikipedia, like the lily that is the symbol of the Tuscan city of Florence. It is worth seeking out because not only is the shape interesting but the Pantanella brand of semolina pasta tastes very good to me better than the other brands of dried pasta available.

The few references to gili pasta that I can find in my cook books indicate that it should be served with penne sauces or sauces that are substantial. For instance last night Diane made a delicious sauce of salmon pieces, cream and saffron and it married perfectly with the gigli. This sauce is fairly robust and therefore adheres to the rather interesting shape of the pasta; it has a surface that is more conducive to the adherence of the cream much like a farfalle rather than a penne which would be better suited to a tomato based sauce which would be more liquid and thus penetrate to the interior of the pasta.

This main course was delicious and Diane served it with a robust cleansing salad.

She selected a bottle of Sicilian white which we had never tried but now that we have we will certainly be returning to it.  This wine was a 2011 Mandoleto Catarratto; the name Mandoletto derives from the fact that groves of almond (mandorlo) trees share this area of Sicily with the vineyards.  A wonderful accompaniment to the delightful pasta!

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