FoOD DIARY: ragu Bolognese

Our eating of ragu Bolognese can be attributed to the Queensland meat market in the Fremantle Market because they sell the best minced beef in Western Australia and had it not been for their excellent beef mince we would not have enjoyed one of the great dishes of Bolongna.

Diane  studied cooking in Bologna some years ago and she recounts that their ragu is very dry because tomato passata has not made its impact in the north as much as it did in the south so tomatoes do not play the role that they do in northern Italian cooking. Italian cooks can tell from a recipe’s ingredients whether the dish is from north or south.  This was a classic Bolognese recipe and it was a little too dry for me; I much prefer the wetter southern Italian sauces but Sunday Diane or I will use her sauce but with a little added tomato liquid to thin it out slightly.

Because Friday night is our Party Night she began the festivities with a delicious Wild Turkey Rye Manhattan and a little plate of nibbles: pieces of toasted bread, pickled mushrooms, and dried olives.  She found an inexpensive but none-the-less satisfying ’11 Chianti: Borgo SanLeo from Gambellara, Tuscany which was a wonderful accompaniment to her Ragu Bolognese!



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