FOOD DIARY: spaghetti bolognese with gigli pasta

Last evening Diane used the ragu bolognese of which she had made extra to marry with that robust pasta shape that we had tried for the first time several weeks ago: pasta gigli the shape of which, at least to me, marries better with a heavier pasta rather than spaghetti. The upshot was that I thought the marriage was extremely successful; the ragu clung very well with the ins ‘n outs of this pasta shape.

I was wrong when I wrote several days ago about the fact that ragu bolognese had no tomatoes in it–in fact it has two full cans of chopped tomatoes with their juice. After the five hours that the sauce cooked I could not taste any tomato. This time at my request Diane added some pasata to thin the ragu and I thought that it tasted better than the original ragu.

Real ragu bolognese is too rich for my taste but when it was thinned out as she did it worked a treat.

As always she made an excellent cleansing salad and we had two glasses of a “Clean Skin” inexpensive red wine as our beverage and an excellent meal completed an excellent day.


One thought on “FOOD DIARY: spaghetti bolognese with gigli pasta

  1. ddollzden says:

    It tasted great but I do prefer non meat “sugo” sauces

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