FOOD DIARY: Roasted lemon and bay scented cod

There isn’t a salt water cod in cooee of Western Australia but thanks to people’s desire to make money we can buy flash-frozen North Sea cod at our local frozen fish shop and last night it proved its worth as a meal delight.

It was my turn to cook and it wasd day two of our 2–5 Diet and Diane asked, very reasonably, if we could vary our choice of fish on these diet days.  In Ainsley’s great low fat cookbook he has this recipe which we first tried on 5/11/04 and we should have been eating it faer more regularly since then but alas there are too many good recipes in too many cookbooks but I will try to return to his recipes far more often.

His recipe is very easy: Diane noted when she first made it in ’04, “Out of this world aromas!” because of cooking the cod pieces on a bed of lemon slices covered with fresh bay leaves (of which we have in the back).  The meal began with Di’s sauteed sliced fennel which wasd a superb accompaniment.

Our beverage of choice was a second bottle of that wonderful Houghton’s Chardennay Verdelho that graced a previous meal.

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