FOOD DIARY: bistecchine di maiale con le olive

My cooking has not been turning out so well; therefore the in-house chef has contributed more to the evening delights than her poor culinarily confused husband.  Last night her contribution was of huge proportions when she made this del;ightful recipe.  After Diane made the dish she looked it up in Diane Seed’s “Top 100 Italian Dishes and found that her recipe was the same as Seed’s and it was a winner.  We had shopped that afternoon and bought a package of that tender and moist pork from the Eastern States and it was a total delight.

The recipe is a simple Tuscan method whereby chopped garlic and fennel are browned for a few minutes before the chops are added to brown also.  After about ten minutes the canned chopped Italian tomatoes are added with some black olives: a delight in a pan! 

As usual we had a delectable salad and a delectable wine: Riprosso’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo; it is a brilliant wine at a very affordable price. 

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: bistecchine di maiale con le olive

  1. ddollzden says:

    I love this recipe and I can make it with my eyes closed. The meat can be chicken, pork or lamb. The herb can be fennel seeds or rosemary. Served with polenta it is a hearty Winter dish.

  2. Sounds like pork cattitore (sp)

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