FOOD DIARY: swordfish grilled with herbs

Diane continues cooking her great meals and last night was certainly no exception to the pattern. She used a Keith Floyd recipe from an ’85 cookbook called Floyd on Fish which we first used just about that time. As with all good cookbooks the recipe is besmirched with numerous food stains attesting to the use of this recipe.

Actually the recipe calls for a tuna steak but because swordfish is more common at our monger’s we have substituted this very similar fish. The recipe calls for: bay leaves, sage leaves, basil leaves, parsley, rosemary, thyme plus the usual suspects. He calls for the steak to be grilled under a gentle flame for about 5 minutes. It is a wonderful recipe and it truly shows respect for a quality fish like sword or tuna.

Diane made a side of fried pumpkin squash to accompany the fish and a delicious San Marco Frscati as a beverage for this delightful meal


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