FOOD DIARY: Ethiopian cafe’

We went to this old favourite last night with four friends who had in past days enjoyed the dlicious food available.  I asked Jim, who is the best and most widely traveled person that I have ever or will ever meet, how this restaurant’s food compared to the food that he had eaten in Ethiopia on two visits some years ago.  He said that the food, he had eaten here, at least twice before, was better than what he had eaten in Ethiopia.  He added the comment that he and his wife had not explored the best restaurants  but neither was this little place tucked away in Hammy Hill here in Western Australia considered a “great” restaurant.

Last night our host gave us, complementary, two dips and her own bread to eat them with to begin the meal.

As in our 12 or more more visits over the years we enjoyed what the rtestaurant calls a mesob plate or a platter with injera bread in the centre of a large round plate covered with a mesob which is used for serving the injera. 

 This injera bread has small bowls of Ethiopian stews placed on it and surrounded by rolled sections of injera which is torn into small sections and then used to pick up small bits of the various stews dotted around the mesob. 

 there were six of us we had at least six different stews around the large injera  plus the the complementary dips for $37.00 per person–brilliant food for an excellent price!  

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Ethiopian cafe’

  1. Haven’t learned to love Ethiopian dining. Shebele closed in our nearby town, named after a river. Don’t know if the Rrd Sea is still in downtown S.J. The Cuban restaurant was a disappointment to me but not to the others. i guess they love their oxtail soup.

    • timstucker says:

      Hi Wanda,

      I must admit that I love eating at this Ethiopian restaurant. I admit I do love eating with my hands; you know, tearing off a piece of ingera bread, wrapping it around some stew and devouring it. I love the tastes of the cuisine because they are not Moroccan or Indian but they are very flavoursome.

      I also admit to loving the one Cuban recipe that I know which is rice ‘n beans or at least the New Orleans variety that comes in a box and is the only box food you sweet daughter will allow me to eat.I have never tried oxtail but if the spices are good I am sure I would like it.


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