FOOD DIARY: fish tagine with preserved lemon and mint

Last evening I made this delicious tagine with some Silver Cobbler which is a firm fleshed fish that can handle the strong flavours of this particular tagine (any tagine actually.)

The dish began with a marinade in chermoula which is a Moroccan sauce of garlic, chilli, coriander, saffron, cumin with liquids of olive oil and lemon juice.  The fish is marinaded in this strong sauce for up to two hours and then placed in the already cooked vegetables: onion, carrot, celery sticks, preserved lemon, can of diced tomatoes and the addition of the liquids of fish stock and white wine.  After these ingredients have cooked together and softened then the fish is added and cooked about five minutes.

I served this tagine with rice although couscous is the traditional accompaniment.

Last evening I also made a traditional Moroccan salad: carrot and cumin with orange and lemon juice.   The carrot is shredded and Ghillie Basan notes that this carrot salad in many different forms is a staple street food item throughout Morocco.  These two recipes come from her often used cook books (by me): Tagine and Flavours of Morocco which should be sought out if a person has any interest in Moroccan food or the cooking of North Africa in general.

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