FOOD DIARY: bistecchine di maiale con le olive

This is a repeat of an excellent recipe from D. Seed’s very useful cookbook. The Bruemar Company from eastern Australia exports meat products to Western Australia and we are the better for it. These pork chops are real beauties: they are tender, moist and delicious tasting.

Last night Diane prepared two of their Pork Loin Steaks following Seed’s recipe as she did last week and as she will do next week. The reason for this multiple use of the meat is simply that they (cleverly!) pack three chops to a package and since there are two of us we only eat one apiece so Diane buys two packages of three thus making three two person meals.

Seed’s recipe calls for: garlic, fennel seeds, one can of chopped Italian tomatoes and whole black olives.  Then brown the chops add the ingredients and cook for ten minutes; the result is absolutely delicious!

Accompanied by the mandatory green salad and accompanied by a delicious bottle of Old Kent River ’09 Chardonnay and the wonders of the table have been encountered and will be remembered!


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