FOOD DIARY: toothfish on a bed of chopped tomatoes

Last night was day one of the 2—5 Diet that we have been away from these past weeks but now is the time to rejoin the battle of staving off extra calories.

I found the diet very effective before our cruise, Diane to a lesser degree, so I will try to return to eating fish twice a week until we both get tired of the fish routine.  However, I find the fish that we can get are so good that I can’t see getting tired of eating them.  I will try to vary the menu slightly starting this week by using some of Ainsley’s low-cal recipes.

Last night I chopped some tomatoes and used them as the bed for the Toothfish rather than the more usual mushrooms but still sprinkled them with chopped shallots and bathed the tomatoes with heated stock.  Depending on the thickness of the fish fillets I have found about 15 minutes to be sufficient.

The fish was followed by a very modest salad because all the goodies that make a salad tasty are also the items that are too caloric if you want to cut their number, the calories,  to a minimum.  We also enjoyed glasses of cold water as a beverage, nothing to brag about but nonetheless sufficient to the purpose.


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