FOOD DIARY: Ainsley’s low–cal paella

I decided yesterday to rely on Ainsley’s recipe for his low–cal paella which he rates at 363 calories and try to move away from having fish twice a week on diet days, Diane is the paella master attested to by the many wonderful summer evenings spent watching her paella cook slowly over a BBQ.

Her paellas are absolutely delicious and we both thought that Ainsley’s quick low—cal version was very good and well worth repeating.  His ingredient list is very similar to the classic one that Diane uses as a BBQ dish during the summer: onion, red pepper, chicken stock, paprika, turmeric and saffron.  We omitted his inclusion of ham pieces but followed his inclusion of peas, prawns and of course rice.  The only item that we noticed that he omitted entirely was the chorizo which would have been caloric if included.

I thought that he used too much stock so will cut that down in the future.   Other than those slight changes his recipe it was pretty much as Diane makes it during the summer months.  I anticipate it as a regular on our Diet Day’s table.


One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Ainsley’s low–cal paella

  1. ddollzden says:

    This was really tasty in spite of my doubts that it would be a match for the recipe we have perfected over the years. Tim added the usual saffron and then added a bit of turmeric and smoked paprika which gave it a wonderful flavor. More please!

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