FOOD DIARY: restaurant meal at the Concert Hall

Last night we attended the Joan Baez concert and had our meal there at the Concert Hall Restaurant.

We shared an entree of Terrine which was OK.

We thought that it was a plain meal.  We both ordered the lamb that Di had ordered several weeks ago when we were last there but, maybe a new chef !, the meal that she had praised was pretty stagnant.  She thought the lamb was overdone and the accompanying sauce was not up to scatch.

Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder so we have eaten too often there recently so we will give the restaurant a wide berth for awhile.  

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: restaurant meal at the Concert Hall

  1. Anne Farrell says:

    But more important: how was the concert????!!!!

  2. ddollzden says:

    The concert was very good and the audience adored Joan Baez who hasn’t been to Australia in 25 years. I did think she would have done better if she enriched the vocals by having a backup singer to fill in the note that a 72 year old voice just no longer reaches. Other wonderful iconic singers do this and the performance enhanced.

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