FOOD DIARY: petti di pollo alla Bolognese

Last evening some old friends came by for a meal and a “show ‘n tell” regarding their very recent trip to Vancouver to stay with their son and his wife.  Eric noted that the Canadians that he observed on buses and genarally throughout the city were polite and calm with each other; in a word, they were nice.

Diane began the meal with some Mama Binbi’s roasted red and yellow peppers on toasts as a bruschetta with glasses of wine: different and delicious!

The petti di pollo came next and this recipe would be one of the greats in European cuisine.  It is just chicken breast cut thin and then flattened with a kitchen mallet, sauted until golden then topped with a slice of Fontina cheese and further topped with a slice of prosciutto before being finished under a hot grill: simply delicious!

As sides Diane served some baked pumpkin with rosemary to flavour and some sauteed fennel cut into thin strips.

All of this was followed by a spinach salad with sliced mushrooms.

The Bani’s brought over an excellent Margaret River Redgate Cabernet Merlot which was enjoyed by all.

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