FOOD DIARY: roasted lemon bay scented cod

Diane and I at a recent foray to Garden City bought a package of the excellent cod pieces available at the flash-freeze fish shop there.  Last night I repeated an Ainsley recipe for cod that I had cooked earlier, the 30th of July to be precise, and we both enjoyed it tremendously.  I must search other fish chefs like Rick Stein and Keith Floyd for their recipes for cod.  Actually I do not remember that cod was available here in WA years ago but perhaps I am wrong about that.

Anyway, Aisley’s recipe is simple and delicious (if the fish is good and flash-freezing seems to do the trick.)  He just calls for garlic, olive oil and parsley and seasoning to be rubbed on the fish, set aside for about ten minutes and then baked at 220 c for about the same time.

As a side for the fish I tried a new recipefor Frech Fries.  Thursday is a diet day, hence the fish, so how can I serve fried potatoes?  His recipe calls for the fries, fairly large cut, to be boiled for five minutes cooled and shaken in a plastic bag with vegatable oil and then baked in the oven rather than fried. 

He says that a serving for four it is 190 calories and for the fish 155  so if he is correct the meal falls well within the 600 for me and the 500 for Diane.  She said this morning that she really enjoyed the meal so that was a double win.

The lemon scented glass of water was an extra delight!

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