FOOD DIARY: linguine with truffles

Because Friday night is Party Night Diane made us a perfect Gordon’s martini and a little plate antipasto to enjoy with the drink.

Two days ago we railed into Northbridge and bought some coffee at the RE Store as well as a packet of their fresh linguine pasta made with pieces of truffle in the actual pasta.  We are very lucky here in Western Australia because they grow, very successfully, truffles south of Perth where the rains are more steady and the truffles grow well.

Diane made this pasta for us two days ago and if anything the dish tasted even better than the first time.  Maybe some day we will be able to buy an entire fungus and shave it over pasta as we choose.

We had a fresh salad and a bottle of that marvellous Abruzziano wine, Riparosso.

Party Nights are sure good!

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: linguine with truffles

  1. ddollzden says:

    The truffle pasta and local truffle oil was really good. It is my dream every year to buy a small truffle and maybe next year I will have the nerve to do so. The local industry has developed wonderfully over the past decade and the product is very fine.

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