Last night was my night and we both decided that cleaning up after a large meal and doing all the dishes was just too much so we decided it should be a pizza night.

The good doctor provided his usual delicious pizza with the addition of a few olives, a few mushrooms and sprinkled with olive oil to make the pizza a little softer: the result as always was excellent.  His pizzas are very clean meaning that there is not much chemical junk in them;  the base is not too doughy so it cuts cleanly.  It is a good product and is a sure winner when a simple tasty meal is in order.

I made an insignificant salad because there was am absolute minimum of items in the fridge with which to compose said salad: a halved tomato from a previous meal, the browned end of an iceberg lettuce (cut the browned bits off), a few olives and a salad is completed.  Actually it was OK.  We also had some dregs of leftover wine of indeterminent origin that was finished.  We are retirees without many means so everything is eaten and little thrown out.  I should feel really sorry for myself and Diane but for some reason I just can’t. 


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