FOOD DIARY: grilled swordfish with herbs

When we bought the swordfish we noticed that the shop was offering their oysters, one dozen, on special so we bought a dozen to go with the swordfish. Even though they were a little old (why else would you put oysters on sale?) that night they tasted excellent as oysters always do. We bought some swordfish steaks at the flash-frozen seafood shop at Garden City so Diane decided to use Keith Floyd’s recipe from his excellent, now old ’85, cookbook Floyd on Fish: “Tuna Fish Grilled with Herbs.” Diane uses tuna fish or swordfish interchangeably because the density of the flesh is very similar.

The recipe calls for fresh herbs (at least we have always used them as opposed to dry ones): bay leaves, sage leaves, basil leaves, parsley, rosemary, thyme, anchovy, garlic and the always needed-olive oil.  He calls for the herb mixture to be painted on the steaks, marinated for an hour and then grilled under gentle flame for five minutes on each side.  It is a fabulous recipe.

Diane served it with some thinly sliced fennel that she had sautéed slowly and some fried potatoes that she had baked rather than fried in the Ainsley manner after having boiled them for five minutes.

She served a particularly good Spanish dry white called Tocado Viura from the vineyards of Bodegas Borsao.  Its price belied its quality; a perfect accompaniment to the delicious swordfish which is on the “don’t eat list” of Australian seafood but we succumbed because of Floyd’s recipe and the absolutely brilliant quality of the fish.  We do try to buy it very infrequently though. 


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