FOOD DIARY: a delicious 70s rebirth!

We were gone on Friday celebrating the day when I first laid eyes on my life-partner so we moved Party Night to last night which was a Saturday.  Diane made her signature dry Gordon’s martini with some potato crisps (chips) and a selection of olives some of which were her own.  These Friday night parties harkens back 41 and 42 years when we used to have an afternoon martini at the Savoy Hotel in the centre of Florence.  They would make us a great dry martini and serve a small dish to each of us of potato crisps.  The Savoy was the best hotel in Florence at that time and for an hour or so we could forget that we were lowly students with little money and play a little game with ourselves.  

After returning from our two day getaway Diane made us a superb 70’s fondue. Just before checking out of our Fremantle hotel we visited the Fremantle Markets and stopped by the cheese stall and bought some enticing Swiss and German cheeses that are particularly suited to fondue.

When Diane makes fondue and this was developed over decades of eating the dish because it really is a sweet meal; she adds all sorts of ingredients for which the traditional recipes do not call.  The result is much more flavoursome than simply relying on the cheese for all of the flavour.

To accompany this marvellous Swiss fondue we were pleased to have an excellent bottle of Swiss wine, a gift from our friends John and Jeongsook: a 2010 Petite Arvine.  


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