FOOD DIARY: steak Diane

One of the reasons that we visited the Fremantle Markets on our recent little getaway was the opportunity to buy some round steak from the good people at Stockman Meats. They have provided us with excellent Queensland meat and poultry products in the past including specifically round steak, thinly cut and of good quality.  Diane generally cooks Sunday and last night she made one of my favourite meals: steak Diane.  Round steak is perfect for the dish because it is cut thin when you buy it so pounding it even thinner is easy to do.

Last night she made for us an excellent meal: cubed fried potatoes to begin followed by a main of the Steak Diane accompanied by a dish of baked vegetables topped by a sprinkling of bread crumbs.  The vegetables were sliced squash and julienned red pepper oven baked for a short time so the squash was still crisp to the bite.

Steak Diane was a popular dish during the 70s and early 80s but it has gone out of favour and restaurants do not include it on their menus.  The head waiter used to cook it tableside and the flamed brandy finish added to the show.  Evidently rising rents have meant that restaurants must crowd the floor space in order to match the rent rise which means there is not enough room for the preparation trolley needed to cook the steak.  There also seems to be concern about the smoke triggering the alarm/sprinklers; not good for business.

As a beverage we enjoyed a bottle of the Penfold’s Shiraz Cabernet.

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