FOOD DIARY: the good doctor’s pizza

You find out the most interesting information when you Google a name; I did so with Dr Oetker’s pizza.  I found out that the good doctor (I must read further to find if he is a medical or accademic doctor) really is a German company.  That he is the most popular frozen pizza in ITALY! and that he has cornered 40% of the market in the UK.

Diane and I visited an old favourite pizza shop in Fremantle that we had  been patonizing since we lived in Fremantle in the 70s.  Unfortunately for us the pizza was disappointing and when we ate Dr Oether’s pizza for last night’s dinner it was very obvious which was the best.  The local one had no flavour in either the crust or the toppings.

It is very strange when you eat something locally made, in fact watch  the guy make it in front of you but ultimately find that a frozen pizza made in England and shipped half-way around the world ends up tasting better–not just a little better but much better.

A glass of red and a salad completed the meal.

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