FOOD DIARY: Roasted lemon bay scented cod

My turn to cook last night and I am readying ourselves for an anniversary in Broome with, probably, lots of overeating and major relaxation.  Therefore, I am trying to get us back on the 5—2 Diet and last night was the Tuesday where it all starts.  

I returned to a favourite recipe from Ainsley’s “Low Fat Meals in Minutes” and his terribly simple recipe for oven baked cod.  He calls for a bed of fresh bay leaves, then thinly sliced lemon rounds and finally the pieces of cod placed on top.  Then he calls for garlic cloves, parsley and olive oil to be mixed and spread over the fish about 10 minutes before cooking

We try to cook the fish for about 10 minutes at 200 C.  The result is as good a piece of cod as you could ever want: flaky, moist and delicious!

As a side we had some mushrooms that were nearing the end of their fridge-life so I sliced them, added a finely chopped shallot and fried them in butter until done.  When I made the salad with just salad greens and baby tomatoes, I tore the tomatoes apart into two or three pieces over the bowl of lettuce.  Obviously while doing this the juice of the tomato fell over the lettuce leaves and when a bit of dressing was added it tasted remarkably well given that there were no other “goodies” in the salad.  That and two glasses of water does a meal makes.



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