FOOD DIARY: Spiced Matzalan meatballs

Yesterday Diane’s friend Shelley and her two children came over for a visit and I fixed a simple meal that I have been making since 3/7/10. As with many dishes I make it comes from Ainsley Harriott’s “Low fat meals” which is a superb cookbook because he marries spicy foreign recipes with his low calorie cooking; he just cuts out the excess fat in the recipes so it is a perfect sort of cookbook for our cooking.

His meatballs are flavoured with onion, cumin, allspice, cayenne and coriander.  Diane did the frying after I made the meatballs but she said she was disappointed in them because they were too dry.  Maybe I tried to extend the ground meat too far for all of us and consequently they dried out in the frying.  With larger meatballs my thought is that they will not dry out as much when fried. 

We served a good dollop of plain Greek yogurt with them as well as a side of couscous and a delicious meal was enjoyed; however, I am sure that the kids were not enamoured with the meatballs and Shelley was not enamoured with the couscous but these things happen.  The side salad added some freshness to the plate.


2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Spiced Matzalan meatballs

  1. ddollzden says:

    I told Tim to make them small which was my mistake but otherwise it’s a great recipe

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