FOOD DIARY: Shrimp Tagine

Last night was day two of the 2–5 Diet and I used some of the left-over frozen fish tagine sauce from several weeks ago when I made a seafood tagine.  This time we did not have suitable flash-frozen Cobbler but we did have a nice package of local frozen prawns so it was an easy meal.  I just reheated the sauce, added the raw prawns at the end for a few minutes and we had a delicious main.

The salad was a terribly simple affair of lettuce with a few crushed cherry tomatoes and one larger tomato cut into 8ths.

We enjoyed a glass of water to wash everything down.

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Shrimp Tagine

  1. Never made a tangine. Do yo have a special pan or or utinsle for that?

    • timstucker says:

      Hi Wanda, Yes, a tangine is a special ceramic shallow dish with a chimney top.

      The idea is the steam from the cooking rises into the chimney condenses and falls back into the dish thus acting as its own moistening or basting method because tagines are basically just stews under a different name.

      Diane and I both love tagines and the particular ingredients that compose them. If there is a Moroccan restaurant in San Jose definitely go because the food is exceptional as well as different.

      The Moroccans drink sweet, mint flavoured tea with their tagines and that brew is also recommended.


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