FOOD DIARY: sauteed brocoli with steak diane

Before the main Diane served us a delicious south Italian broccoli dish flavoured with: crushed garlic, anchovy pieces and a touch of red cayenne; that recipe, when cooked by Diane, can turn broccoli into a dish worth waiting for which is no small feat!

Last night Diane made one of my favourite meals: a ‘70s Steak Diane and it was superb.  I enjoy eating this dish because I am not a big meat eater so having a thin piece of meat heavily flavoured is very satisfying.  It was a chafing dish meal years ago when restaurants could afford Head Waiters, who always prepared the dish tableside while the guests watched; if the person was good with a bit of flair it was a good show.   The meat should always be rump (Australian) or round (American) cut thin and then pounded to flatten it further.  I once saw a guy take a regular steak, maybe three centimetres thick and add all the flavourings but when it was served it was called Steak Diane but it was as thick as a regular steak; it was not right by any means.  The waiter was European and I thought that he would know what he was doing but unfortunately he did not.

The meal and cleansing salad was accompanied by a few glasses of Riparosso red.


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