FOOD DIARY: Tuesday of the 2–5 Diet roasted cod

Last night was my night in the kitchen and Diane and I have decided that having fish on this diet has been good for us. Not only have we lost weight but the fact that the flash frozen shop sells North Sea cod makes eating Ainsley’s recipes a real treat.  I must admit that the cold water fish: Patagonian Toothfish, Orange Roughfy (New Zealand) and North Sea Cod.  All ogf these fish tast particularly good to me when they are baked.  Australians generally will say that Barramundi is the best eating fish available.  I like Barra but I guess it depends on the method of cooking.  I don’t think that it would be suitable for baking.  While Diane was still teaching I used to meet her at a shopping centre between her school and Leeming and I would taxi and meet her every Thursday.  There was a little coffee shop that had a lady that knew her way around a kitchen and I ordered her Barra every week for, seemingly, several years and she could cook that fish as well as I have ever tasted outside our house.  Unfortunately they redeveloped the centre and that little place now exists only in my memory.

At the market the day before we had bought a punnet of Swiss brown mushrooms which I think are delicious and I sliced them up last night and fried them in a little butter (even though it was diet day) and they became the side for the cod.

Ainsley’s recipe is simple but delicious and it becomes the perfect diet meal.  We married the fish with a easy salad and a glass of water.


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