FOOD DIARY: chicken thighs wrapped in prosciutto

Last night I cooked and we are trying to clean our fridge of frozen food and items that we have just over-bought.  One of those items was a pair of chicken thighs that are my favourite piece of the bird.  Diane has a great recipe called Chicken Napoli but I have never made it so I looked for a new recipe; to the rescue came the internet and a plethora of chicken thigh recipes.  I picked one that looked excellent and it actually tasted excellent.  It called for a butter, crushed garlic and thyme paste that should be spread on the inside of the skinned and deboned thighs.  The thighs were then wrapped in a prosciutto slice and using the remaining butter mixture spread over the prosciutto thus insuring that the meat does not dry out as it cooked.  The recipe called for the wrapped thigh to be baked on an oven tray at 400 for 20 minutes.  It was a delicious main course, was uncomplicated and did not require a great deal of preparation.

I made some slightly fried rice as a side and the compulsory salad and all accompanied by a bottle of Swan Valley Houghton’s great white table wine: Semillon chardonnay.   


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