FOOD DIARY: swordfish fillets with herbs

Last night I cooked because it was the first night of the 2–5 Diet. We had beautiful flash frozen swordfish fillets in the freezer and they can always be depended upon to produce a wonderful meal and last night was no exception.

We have used a recipe from the Floyd on Fish cookbook from ’85.  Floyd was a TV chef from England who went on to write cookbooks from various places around the world as well as specific areas of Europe.  Diane and I enjoy his recipes: they are not terribly complex nor are they dishes that you would only cook in a Blue Moon. His fish recipes particularly are worthy of any occasion.

This recipe called for a paste to be made from: bay leaves, sage, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, anchovy, garlic lemon juice and olive oil.  “Paint” the mixture on the fillets, both sides, one hour before grilling them.   We do about 3 minutes per side.

Last night was a diet night so I only made a skinny salad with a glass or two of water: could do much worse!

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