FOOD DIARY: chicken thighs wrapped in prosciutto

Last night was my turn in the kitchen and because we are trying to clean our fridge of extraneous food items I returned to the recipe I had obtained from the internet earlier.  The package of thighs that we had bought contained four pieces of which we had used two with two remaining; we also had some remaining prosciutto so it was natural to kill two birds with one stone (cleaning out the fridge and fixing dinner) and fix the same recipe from days earlier.

I just stripped the leaves off fresh thyme stems, added some crushed garlic cloves and mixed both with good butter and used that mixture to spread on the inside of the thighs, wrapped them in prosciutto and then spread the remaining butter over the prosciutto wrapping.

 I baked them on an oven tray at about 200 for roughly 20 minutes.  Those thighs, a robust salad and a bottle of Houghton’s Chardonnay Semillon constituted a bonzer of a meal!


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