Steak Diane

Last night Diane gave me some options for our evening meal; one of the options was Steak Diane which was the immediate winner.  I know this dish has disappeared from restaurant menus; in fact it has been gone since the late 70s but we have recently revived it here in Leeming and both of us feel better for doing so.

The secret to Steak Diane is to pound the meat into less than a centimetre thick and fry it very quickly, no more than two minutes on one side.  There are many variations as to seasoning; Diane ops for the very simple one using just Worcestershire sauce and crushed garlic.  Gordon Ramsey use chopped mushrooms, chopped shallots plus cream.  I am sure his sauce tastes marvellous but it turns a gentle tasty dish into something too complicated.

The brilliance of Steak Diane is that it can prepared quickly and it is fork-tender.  Yesterday Diane bought two small beef fillet steaks (about 100 grams each) and they were very filling.  She diced some Royal Blue potatoes, fried them and served them as a side to the steak.

Diane also made for our enjoyment a modified Salade Nicoise which cut the richness of the Steak Diane.

We enjoyed a few glasses of Taylors cab sav thus completing an excellent meal!  

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