Spanish paella

Last night Diane fixed an old favourite, paella, which is so good it bears repeating many times. Diane has made paella in the past using the traditional Spanish version. I have used a low calorie version from Ainsley Harriott’s “Low Fat Meals…” which is much quicker but tastes nearly as good as the more traditional version.
Diane made a delicious plate of hors-d’oeuvres to accompany a superb (at least to my ignorant palate) Marque’s de Riscal Dueda; a marvellous dry white that uses exclusively local grapes that are a very old variety from that local area. The wine is very inexpensive considering its taste and I will buy more considering the hotter weather now on our doorstep. It was a superb meal!

2 thoughts on “Spanish paella

  1. John has been talking about making this dish–after a break of about 5 years (?). I wonder if you used a special type of rice.

    • timstucker says:

      Yes Lynne, we have tried regular long-grain rice but the paella did not taste “real”; it simply tasted like any rice dish. We also tried Basmanti rice which is normally very good but the results were the same. It may take you guys a little searching but we have found that imported Spanish rice gives us the correct flavour. If you cannot find Spanish rice use Italian Abborrio rice.

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