Dim Sum at Garden City plus Pizza that evening

We had some chores to do at Garden City and naturally we showed up at lunch time and just as naturally we decided to visit the Chinese Dim Sum train which is a Chinese version of a Japanese Sushi train.  We just sat at the conveyer line and selected the items we like as they passed.  We are not too adventurous and four dishes is the norm for us.  We usually select much the same dishes: Scallop Dumplings, crab balls, BBQed Pork Buns and cold Vegetable Rolls.

These four dishes amount to about $20.00, cheap eats by Perth standards, but the chefs restock the “train” quickly so there is always a good selection.

That evening because of our lunch and because Diane has been working so hard, we decided to have one of the good Doctor’s Pizza plus a small plate of pantry nibbles and a glass of wine.

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