Chicken Laurel

I am continually fascinated by old cookbooks with delicious recipesthat are forgotten among the wealth of new cookbooks that crowd todays bookshelves. Such is a recipe that Diane cooked last night. It is from a Sunset Italian Cook Book that was first published in ’73. Chicken Laurel, according to the book, had its origin during the Roman Empire. Di rediscovered the recipe and made it for us last night.

The recipe calls for the cavity of the chicken to be filled with pieces of onion, orange and bay leaves as a substiture for the Laurel used by the Romans.

We bought a nice roasting hen and Diane made a wonderful gravey from the pan juices plus some creamy mash to accompany the chicken. Before these dishes she made some broccoli flavoured with anchovy and sliced garlic. As a beverage we finished the French red from the previous night.

One thought on “Chicken Laurel

  1. ddollzden says:

    I remember making this way back when we were newlyweds. It is still one of my favourite roast chicken recipes

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