Greek Roast Lamb

Last evening Diane made a superb roast of a boned leg of lamb.  There are many cooks who decry removing the bone from virtually any cut of meat because they believe that leaving the bone in the cut of meat means that the resulting piece of meat will be less flavoursome.  In general I accept this idea but sometimes it looses out because cutting meat without the bone means less effort on the part of the cook; such was the case last night.

Diane began the meal with an exellent hor d’oeuve plate of new asparagus wrapped in slices of prosciutto served with slices of Cypriot haloumi fried cheese with some small fried toasts.  A marvellous beginning to our Greek meal.

Next came the main course of the roast lamb.  The original recipe came from a cook book called the Coking of the Gods which was a 1973 wedding gift from an old friend in the States.  Diane has made the recipe so often that she has memorized it.  She marinated the lamb in wine, lemon juice, garlic and oregano before baking it for about 40 minutes.

As our beverage we enjoyed a wondedrful bottle of Greek wine.  It was a 2005 bottle of Nemea Reserve from Agiorgitiko grapes from the wine producing area of Nemea in the northern region of the Peloponnese.  Greek wines are very interesting and both Diane and I think that Greek food suites Greek wine perfectly.


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