Yesterday and the day before: leftover slices of lamb and the day before the Saigon before the play

The day before we ate at the Saigon on James Street as we do before any play at the Heath Ledger Theater in Northbridge.  The Saigon has a very large menu of Asian foods and every dish that we have had there is very good.  We always begin with Prawn on Toast and Fried Wontons before our mains which we generally change every time we eat there.  This time Diane had Deep Fried Squid With Garlic, Pepper and Chilli.  For a main I had Mi Xao Thp Cam hoac Do Bien (Seafood Chow Mee.)

Last night was Leftover Night becase we had the remainder of the delicious boned lamb leg from several nights before.  Diane served the excellent pan-juice sauce over the lamb slices as welll as the rice side that she made with the lamb.  I asked for a bottle of the Houghtons Chardonnay Verdelho;  an inexpensive table wine from our own Swan Valley that goes down very well!  I know that, basically the colour of the meat should match the colour of the wine but in this case I broke the fundamental rule because I like the Houghton’s white so much.

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