Diane’s Seafood Pasta

Last night was a particularly good meal even by Diane’s standards. She made us a wonderful seafood spaghetti pasta in a light cream sauce that had been flavoured with saffron. The seafood was a combination of scallops cut in half horizontally thus doubling the amount of scallops with the prawns. Needless to say the meal was outstanding!

We also had a salad of greens, feta and croutons with a balsamic dressing.

Our wine deserves special attention because it was a Lacryma Christi (Tears of Christ) which we used to drink in the weeks after we were married (1973) and living in Albany, USA which was a little north of Oakland. At that time the wine cost $1.50 before it was discovered and the price rose proportionelly. It is one of those delicious white wines found in southern Italy. Its full name is Lacryma Christi Del Vesuvio which may give a clue as to just how far south the wine originates. It is delicious and recommended.

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