Fish Tagine with Preserved lemon and mint

Last night I made one of my favourite dishes because it links fish with the spices and cooking techniques from Morocco.  The spices and herbs are very pronounced so I believe that delicate fish like Orange Roughy   or Patagonian Toothfish have flesh too delicate to be married to the spices and herb combination of this dish.

I took the recipe from a cook book simply called Tagine by Ghillie Basan.  The recipe calls for chermoula which is a traditional Moroccan spice and herb mixture that is mixed into many different tagines of any kind be they meat, fish or poultry.  For the chermoula alone the ingredients are:  garlic, chilli, salt, fresh coriander, saffron threads, cumin, olive oil and the juice of one lemon.  The main dish contains: large chunks of fish, olive oil, onion, preserved lemon, can of diced plum tomatoes, fish stock and white wine. 

We enjoyed a bottle of Houghton’s Classic White with this delicious dish.

I always forget to mention Diane’s contribution to a meal because it is enjoyed many times after one of these very savoury ethnic meals; she makes her own ice cream (which is not really an ice cream because she uses low fat milk rather than cream) and flavours it with native bush spices and nuts which are also native Australian: macadamias.  

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