Bitokes a’ la Russe (Hamburgers with Cream Sauce)

Because Friday night is Party Night (if two people constitue a party) The Bar Master, Diane, made us a pair of her other signature drinks, a Sidecar served with a few potato chips.

After this excellent beginning she made new asparagus wrapped in slices of prosciutto and fried.

Next came a side of cubed fried potatoes.

Served with the Bitokes  were a few large field mushrooms that I sliced and fried.  

Julia Child has many superb recipes in her Mastering The Art of French Cooking but this one is one of my favourites.  It is a reasonably easy recipe and does not need many ingredients: a little cream, some fresh herbs, some stock and, it is French after all, butter. 

Just fry the patties in a little butter and olive oil;  put them on a heated plate and keep in your oven on very low heat (if the oven is too warm the meat will continue cooking and dry out), deglaze the frying pan with some stock, after it has thickened and reduced add a spash of cream, away from the heat swirl in some butter and the chopped herbs and serve.

It is important not to cook the meat to long or it will dry out too much.  It is a delicious way to have some meat that can be cut with a fork and is juicy; the sauce is a perfect accompaniment.

We had the vegetable so there was no need for a salad but we did have an excellent wine: Domaine De La Baume (Vin De Pays D’OC.)  Our wines are always inexpensive even if they have Frecn names like this one.  The wines from Languedoc in the southern part of France are very good but they do not attract the high prices of the more well known wine regions of France.


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