A meal composed of small bites.

Last evening the woman who went to Antarctica with Diane came by to watch a movie, share some stories and have something light to eat because she favours small bits of different dishes rather than sitting down to a more traditional meal.  Therefore, this is what we prepared for her enjoyment: cashew nuts with Di’s signature martini.  Colleen brought over a tray of fresh sushi to start the evening off with a usual international flair. 

Diane made her own frittata that could be cut into small serves for our guest.  We bought some ready made products at the market: a small packet of various antipasto (olives, sundried tomatoes, marinated feta), Maggie Beer’s pate, cheeses, spinach/cashew/parmesan dip which we spread on small pieces of mildly toasted bread.

We watched a great Aussie movie called The Sapphires about four young Aboriginal who formed their own singing group and then won an audition to go to Vietnam during the war there and perform for the American troops (a true story.)  


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